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Enlightenment is a state of mind people have been trying to reach since the dawn of humanity. The Enlightenment Planner introduces you to Buddhist principles that have been guiding mindfulness for thousands of years.

Spoiler alert: Meditation is key to reaching enlightenment. That’s why this planner is designed to help you keep track of your thoughts and feelings so you can meditate and reflect, rather than suppress and forget.

Monthly Overview

Begin each month by writing down your short-term goals and create an outline for your journey.

  • Monthly Goals: Set clear goals for the entire month.
  • Meditation: Meditation is the practice of focus, loss of focus, and return to focus. Write down any thoughts that come to you.
  • Things to Let Go: List some things that you will attempt to live without.
  • Sustainability Goals: List some ways you could live a more sustainable lifestyle.
  • Mood Tracker: Assign a color to each mood. Color in the tracker to gain insight into your emotional state.

Monthly View

A calendar-view of your entire month with monthly meditation techniques.

  • Calendar: Fill in the month and dates in the space provided with important events and appointments.
  • Meditation Techniques: Find a meditation technique every month to help train your mind and become more in touch with your inner feelings. Use the rest of the space to take notes on how you feel.
  • Notes: Additional space to capture any thoughts, doodles and reminders.

Weekly Plan 

Schedule daily tasks and write down important events, meetings and appointments.

  • Goals: Set clear goals for the week.
  • Hydration Tracker: Track your water intake and stay hyrdated.
  • Things to Let Go: List some things that you will attempt to live without.
  • Meditation Tracker: Meditation is a proven way to reduce stress and increase mindfulness. Use the tracker to promote emotional well-being.
  • Acts of Kindness: Space to plan good deeds or reflect on those you’ve done.
  • Weekly Affirmation: Write down positive affirmations for an extra weekly motivational boost.

Monthly Reflection

At the end of the month, reflect on your personal growth.

  • Reflection: Read back through your monthly overview and revisit each weekly plan. Answer the questions to reflect on your month.
  • Quotes: Monthly inspirational quotes.
  • Grids: Use the space to free your mind and let your thoughts create something entirely new.

Creative Space

Find a world map to start your year by imagining the places you would like to visit. What will it take to get there? What will you learn once you’ve arrived? 

  • Color To Calm The Mind: Color in the countries as you visit them or write about the places you hope to discover.
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