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Enlightenment isn’t just a flashy word we like to use. It’s a state of mind people have been trying to reach since the dawn of humanity. Enlightenment Planner introduces you to Buddhist principles that have been guiding mindfulness for thousands of years. Spoiler alert: Meditation is key to reaching enlightenment. That’s why Enlightenment Planner is designed to help you keep track of your thoughts and feelings so you can meditate and reflect, rather than suppress and forget.

When you give your thoughts the time they deserve, you will find yourself better able to identify what brings peace to your life and what does not. Then, use Enlightenment Planner the same way you use any planner—to lay out a plan. Set aside time to volunteer, start a travel fund, or make lunch plans with that coworker you aren’t quite jiving with yet. Your path to enlightenment will make itself clear to you.

What’s inside:


Enlightenment Planner begins with a quick overview of Buddhist principles to guide you on your journey to enlightenment.

Light Your Path

Use this section at the beginning of each month to set short-term goals, focus your meditation, identify things to let go of, and give yourself encouragement for the month ahead.

Meditation: Meditation is a proven way to reduce stress and increase mindfulness. Imagine how a few minutes of quiet meditation every day could improve your outlook on things and write them down.

Things To Let Go: Modern life is full of clutter. List some things here that you will attempt to live without. At the end of the month, reflect on how your life has changed.

Sustainability Goals: True enlightenment is reached by having a healthy relationship with the world around you, as well as personal well-being. List some ways you could live a more sustainable lifestyle. Something as simple as using a reusable straw or bag can help you feel more connected with the planet and those you share it with.

Mood Tracker: Color in the Mood Tracker each day to gain insight into your emotional state over the month. At the end of the month you will have created a unique piece of art inspired by your emotional landscape.

Monthly View

This section gives an overview of the entire month and describes a meditation technique you can use to reflect on those ideas and feelings you are becoming more in touch with.

Weekly Plan

This is the section you will return to most often. Record those fleeting thoughts, emotions, and ambitions that pop into your head throughout the day. Meditate and keep track of the things that better mindfulness inspires in you.

Physical well-being is just as important as mental well-being. Use the hydration tracker to make sure you are drinking at least four ten-ounce glasses of water every day to help promote skin health, prevent kidney damage, and much more.


Creative Space

Find a world map to start your year by imagining the places you would like to visit. What will it take to get there? What will you learn once you’ve arrived? Color in the countries as you visit them or write about things you hope to discover.


This section gives you a chance to look back at your month and reflect on the things that you struggled with and those that made you shine.

Year-End Review

At the end of the year, re-examine the Dharma and consider how its teachings have brought you closer to enlightenment. What have you learned to let go of? How has your lifestyle become more sustainable? Reflect on your journey and plan for what the next year has in store for you.

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